From the blessed pen of
Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali, QaddasAllaahu  Ta'alaa Sirruhul 'Azeez
Founder of Daar-ul-Ehsaan:

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I am The Almighty  -  I empower (My creation and I also am in control of that empowerment)

Conformity (surrender to My Power and My Will) leads to healing of the inside of the chest and (leads to) ecstasy and intoxication”

Whenever any person accepted The Wisdom of Your Might cheerfully, Your Might showered Your Grace, Your Mercy and Your Blessings upon that person.

Inclusive in hundreds of thousands of pages is the fact, and in this fact are contained all facts that every object of this universe whether it is made of light (noor) or fire, clay or water, is not independent.  (The Almighty) gets them to do whatever He Wills, every action is His (with His permission), and His Doings are not devoid of but based on Wisdom and this indeed is the essence of Tauheed (Oneness)

Wa Maa ‘Alainaa illal Balaagh (for me is to convey)

Whatever is happening at this moment (or happened a moment ago or a million years ago or will happen the next moment or million years from now) is absolutely according to the Tauheed of Allaah Wallaah (by Allaah) Billaah (from Allaah) Tallaah (I swear by Allaah).

Qabdh (constriction of provision) and Bast (abundance of provision) both are from Allaah and based upon Divine Wisdom; Qabdh being more beneficial than Bast.

The eminence that is in the stage of Qabdh (constriction) in the journey of Sulook (spiritualism. mysticism), is absent in Bast. (abundance)
The eminence that is in self reproach is absent in fame.

Wa Maa ‘Alainaa illal Balaagh (for me is to convey)

Fame is nothing, there is safety in being unknown.
There is calamity in fame and safety in self reproach.
Self reproach, erases sins and heightens one’s ranks.

A treasure remains safe as long as it remains hidden.

Whatever has happened to anyone has happened from You (O my Lord) and whatever happens from You, whether it is an endowment or a calamity is based upon Your Divine Wisdom and only for the good of Your bondsmen.

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