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Virtues of The Month

Virtues of Every Day D'uaas (supplication)

Virtues of Sunnah And Aadaab - - (Etiquette) of walking

Virtues of Purification - - (Tazkiatun Nafs) Dhikrullaah, Jihaad ul Akbar

Virtues of Knowledge - - OF Deenul Islaam (continued)

Virtues of Knowledge - - OF Fiqh & Shari'ah Tahaarah (cleanliness) (continued)

Virtues of The Knowledge - - OF "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NAMES" Asmaa ul Husnaa

Virtues of The Knowledge - - OF "ASMAAUN NABIYYIL KAREEM"

Letters From Our Readers

Rather Compelling Aayahs from Soorah 89

You Will Not attain righteousness . . .

Some Essential Advise From - - Hadrat Shaikh Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali Quddus Sirruhul 'Azeez

Translation Of The Highly Acclaimed Book In 5 Volumes - - - "Makshoofat Manazil Ehsaan"

"(Manifestations of The Stages of excellence In worship)" continued

By Hadrat Shaikh Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali Quddus Sirruhul 'Azeez

Salaatunnabi (Durood) recited by Hadrat Sayyadina UWAIS QARNI

The Truth About Islaam - - new web pages for non believers

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VIRTUES OF THE MONTH Safar ul Muzaffar

Please refer to Vol. 2 No. 2 for the virtues of this wonderful month.


The Account of "Qiyaamah" (The Day of Judgement), Portent, continued

21. The advent of Dajjaal will take place. He would roam around the earth except the Harmain Tayyabain (The Holy Places including Mekkah Mu'azzamah and Medeenah Munawwarah) in 40 days. The first day will be equal to one year, the second equal to one month, the third equal to one week and the rest of the days equal to 24 hours. He will travel very fast, just as a cloud blown by the wind. His fitnah (evil) will be devastating. He will have a garden and fire accompany him which he would name "paradise" and "hell". Where ever he goes they will accompany him. However, what appears as paradise would in reality be fire and what appears as hell will in reality be a place of comfort. He would make claims of being god. Those who would believe him, he will put them in his "Paradise". Those who would deny, he would put them in the "hell". He would give "life" to dead bodies. He would order the earth and it will produce greenery. He would make the skies produce rain. In brief, he would demonstrate many such tricks. In reality they would all be nothing but magic and deception of the shiaateen. Therefore as soon as he leaves, nothing will be left with those who believed in him. When he would want to enter the Harmain Shareef, the angels who will be guarding the Harmain Shareef will turn his face around and he will be prevented from entering. Madeenah Munawwarah will experience three quakes and the people there who would apparently be muslims but kuffaar at heart and in the knowledge of Allaah would be intending to believe in the Dajjaal, would run away from the Holy City in fear, to join him in his fitnah (and by so doing keep this evil away from the Holy City). On the forehead of Dajjaal, will be written (Meaning Kaafir) which would be read by every muslim but would be invisible to the kuffaar. After roaming around the whole world he would reach Syria. It would be dawn at that time. Hadrat 'Eesaa would have descended and appeared at the eastern minaret of Jami'ah Masjid of Damascus. The Iqaamah for the Salaatul Fajr would have already been called out. Hadrat 'Eesaa would command Imaam Mehdee, who would already be present in the Jama'ah to lead the salaat. The Dajjaal will start to melt with the perfume of the breath of Hadrat 'Eesaa (which will spread as far as the eyes could see), just as salt melts in water. The accursed Dajjaal will try to run away, but will be pursued by Hadrat 'Eesaa who will then pierce his back with a spear and send him on his way to the Hell Fire.

22. The times after the second coming of Hadrat 'Eesaa will experience an abundance of wealth to such a degree that if a person would want to give his money to another person, he will refuse to accept it. There will not be any enmity, rancor and jealousy among muslims. He will break the cross and slaughter the pig. All the People of the Book will believe in him. There will be only one Deen, the Deenul Islaam through out the whole world; and only the one Madzhab, that of the Ahli Sunnah wal Jama'ah. Children will play with snakes and tigers and sheep will live in the same pastures. He will live for 40 years, will marry and have children. After death, he will be buried in the Roda Anwar.

23. The appearance of Imaam Mehdee according to the consensus of 'Ulamaa will be at a time when there will be domination of kufr every where. All the Auliaa and Abdaal (Saints) from every where will migrate to the Harmain Shareefain; Islaam will exist only there, the rest of the world will become Kufristaan. It will be the month of Ramadaan ul Mubaarak. The Abdaal will be occupied with the Tawaaf (Circumambulation) of the Holy Ka'bah and Imaam Mehdee will also be there. The Auliaa will recognize him and will request to receive Bai'ah (Commitment of fealty and obedience) at his hand. He will refuse.

 Momentarily, a voice will be heard from the ghaib (Unseen) saying:

Transliteration: Haadzaa khaleefat uLlaahil Mehdiyyu fasma'oo lahoo wa atee'ooh

Translation: This is Khaleefah of Allaah, Mehdee. Listen to him and obey him.

All will then perform Bai'ah at his blessed hands. He will take them along with him to Syria. After the Dajjaal is annihilated, Hadrat 'Eesaa will be commanded by Allaah to take the muslims to the Mount Sinaai when some people will be shown who no one will have the strength to fight.

The above is an extract from the well known book of Sharee'ah "Bahaar-e-Sharee'at" by Hadrat Maulaanaa Amjad 'Ali Rahmatullaah 'Alaih. The Ahaadeeth on which the above account is based can be found in Bukhaaree Shareef and other collections. To be continued InshaAllaah Ta'alaa.

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It has been narrated by Hadrat Uthmaan bin 'Afaan "I asked the Beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad about the Aayah "Maqaaleed us Samaawaati wal Ard" (Soorah 2 Aayah 12 and Soorah 39 Aayah 63). He said: "O Uthmaan (), you have asked me about a matter which no one before you has asked; the keys to the Heavens and the earth are these:

Transliteration: Laa ilaaha illAllaahu wAllaahu Akbaru wa SubhaanAllaahi wal hamduliLaahi wastaghfiruLlaahal ladzee Laa ilaaha illaa huwal Awwalu wal Aakhiru waz Zaahiru wal Baatinu Yuhyee wa Yumeetu wa huwa Hayyul Laa Yamootu Biyadihil Khair; wa huwa 'Alaa Kulli Shai in Qadeer. -------------------------------------- To be recited 100 times.

Translation: There is no god but Allaah and Allaah is the Greatest and the Most Glorified and all praise belongs to Him and I seek His forgiveness. There is no god but He Who is the First and the Last and the Manifest One and the Hidden One. He gives life and death and He is Eternal without death, in His Hand is all good. And He has Power over everything. Continued the Beloved of Allaah, "O Uthmaan () who ever recited this Wazeefah (Du'aa recited regularly daily) 100 times, he will receive in return 10 gifts. 1. His previous sins will be forgiven. 2. Freedom from fire will be written (For him). 3. Two angels will be appointed over him, who will protect him from misfortunes and illnesses, day and night. 4. He is given a Treasure of Thawaab. 5. He will receive Thawaab equal to the person who gave freedom to 100 slaves from the progeny of Hadrat Ismaa'eel 6. He will receive Thawaab as if he has read The Quraanul Kareem, the Tauraah, the Injeel (The Gospel) and the Zuboor (Psalms of Hadrat Daaood ). 7. A house will be built for him in the Paradise. 8. His nikaah will be performed with Hoor ul 'Een (Pure Maiden of Paradise). 9. A crown of glory will be placed on his head 10. His recommendation will be accepted for 70 members of his family. O Uthmaan! If you have such strength that this Wazeefah is never missed by you any day then you will be the successful among the successful people and you will be ahead of the ones before and after you. Kunzul 'Amaal, Abul Ya'laa, Ibn Abee 'Aasim.

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VIRTUES OF PURIFICATION (Tazkiatun Nafs) Continued

Dzikrullaah, "Jihaad ul Akbar"

The beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Muhammad Mustafaa has said: "The one who knows himself knows his Lord". Our bodies and minds are created from the elements of this earth and will perish at death and will go back to the earth. It is our souls that are our essence not our bodies and our minds. The souls will not die; as a matter of fact when the souls are extracted, that is when our bodies die. Our souls are witnesses of the bodies and minds and other manifestations of the Lord, Our Creator; but not of or from this world. As this world continues its brief journey towards its certain extinction, many of us who do not realize who we really are, grab desperately and cling on to this crazy band wagon afraid of missing out on or enamored of the temporal "goodies" it contains. In this process, realization will be too late (After it is all over) on the Day of Reckoning that all we have in our grabbing hands is an illusion while we missed out on the REAL TREASURE, The Lord of the Universe and the Owner of That Day, The One whose Jamaal (Beauty) is beyond description and Eternal and Whose Remembrance is a Bliss and an Intoxication beyond measure; Whose Company is so Ecstatic that it pushes every thing other than Him to oblivion.

What should we do? Those who realize that their essence is indeed shapeless, formless, changeless and eternal; that it is only a witness and a knower of the mind and the body, they learn to abide in their essence thereby achieving total detachment from the body and the mind and the world of forms and bodies. They are able to realize that the scent of the flower is to attract the bee to the nectar. Similarly all the incredibly perfect manifestation which is the universe is there only to draw the children of Aadam to the Infinite Perfection of the Creator and the Intoxication experienced in the absorption of His Resplendent Beauty. They are then able to let the band wagon go by and decide to remain with the Lord and His Ecstatic Company, receiving whatever their Merciful Provider and Benevolent Cherisher picks up for them from the band wagon (The Duniyaa), with perfect contentment. This is the death of the false self (The idea that one is a body and mind); which is the beginning of a life outside of time, right on this earth. This is the virtue of purification and Dzikrullaah is the heart and soul of purification.

For this pinch of dust from under the feet of his Shaikh, Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat 'Ali QuddsAllaahus Sirruhul 'Azeez, his words on this subject are incomparably magnificent and illuminating because he did achieve the state I have described above. I have the privilege of presenting to you extracts from his book " Dzikr e Ilaahee Jihaadul Akbar" rendering them into English:

"The biggest sin ---- turning away from dzikr of Allaah and to break the boundaries that He has established. (By so doing) Determination, courage, valor and trust are taken away (From one). Guardians, guides and protectors are withdrawn and this is the Way of the Will of Allaah .

Stop your talk and commence the dzikr. Dzikr makes up for the lack of talk but there is no talk that can make up for the lack of dzikr. (Please jewels of my eyes, observe the profoundness and veracity of this statement) Hadrat Shaikh Rahmatullaah 'Alaih continues: "Talk, no matter how (wonderful) it is, is not enough; action must accompany it. Action(Practice) is that silent Tableegh of the Deen whose thrust is never without result. The one who has insight has attested: except for the dzikr of Allaah, talk, no matter of what kind, is not free from fitnah. Act upon (your) knowledge. Do not (ever) give up your practice. Whatever you say, do it. Follow up with practice one thing that you say. Talk, no matter how wise, do little of it. Do dzikr. Do it in abundance.

When the dzaakir (The one who does the dzikr) and the Madzkoor (The One Whose Dzikr is being done) became one, dzikr got established. Where there is dzikr, there (also) is the Madzkoor. The Dzaakir is absorbed in the dzikr. The Madzkoor is face to face, behind the curtain. May I be sacrificed for Your Curtain. You are present in a hundred thousand Resplendences, behind the Curtain. Your Apparent Beauty: Kitaab ul Mubeen (The open Book). Your hidden Beauty: a hidden Book. The apparent and the hidden are indeed within You. The hidden Book is hidden and the open Book is open. The KitaabAllaah (Holy Quraan) is the witness to both.

Whether the dzikr is done or not done, the Madzkoor is Qaaim ud Daaim (Self Existent and Eternal). It is only by virtue of the dzikr that curtains are lifted from the Apparent and the Hidden! The One Who is Apparent is the One Who is Hidden. The One Who is inside is the One Who is outside. And the Curtain you want lifted is never raised with the efforts of any one; it is lifted only under the Divine Will. How can the one who cannot understand the Apparent, understand the Hidden? There is only one curtain of the Apparent and the Hidden. The Apparent in the Hidden and the Hidden in the Apparent is as invisible as gurh (A by product of sugar cane, a brown mass used as a sweetener and dessert) is in the sugar cane or ghee (A by product of milk used in India and Pakistan for frying) in the milk. Only after attaining the Apparent did (one) become the discerner of the Hidden. The universe is the interpreter of the reality of the Apparent and the Hidden!

The King in Whose search the world came out, was within. The staff is within, the helpers are within, good is within, evil is within, well wisher is within, the ill wisher is within, every thing is within; there is nothing outside. Do not search in the moon nor in the sun, search within oneself. In this body is Your Rule. In this heart is Your Rule. You are the First and You are the Last. You are the Apparent and You are the Hidden. Only You are You (Every where it is You). You are the Forbearing One, You are the Most Generous One. You are the Most High, You are the Greatest. Inside it is You, outside it is You. In the front it is You, behind it is You. On the right it is You, on the left it is You. Every where it is You. The One in whose search you wander around, lives near you, is with you, does not distance Himself even for a moment.

Translation: And We are closer to him than (his) jugular vein. Soorah 50 aayah 16.

Every one has said, whoever saw, whenever he saw, saw in the secret, beautiful and delightful veils of the inside. In the manifestations it is You, In the world of souls it is You. In the Majestic Power it is You and in the Laahoot (The Realm of the Divine) also it is You Who I saw. For the worshipper to be in conversation with the Worshipped is the reality of the gift of Moosaa . And this conversation continues at all times at all places in every tongue and in every manner. It cannot bear being apart for even a moment, inside, outside, on the left, on the right, in the front, in the back, it always goes on, MashaAllaah! And these are the barakaat (Blessings) from the Noor of Dzikr e Dawaam

Translation: And He is with you no matter were you are. Soorah 57 part Aayah 4.

Whoever has seen, has seen by the virtue of dzikr, and has seen among the creation. The myriad of creation: witness of the Creator. The Madzkoor (The One whose dzikr is being done) is the Defender, Answerable for and Helper of every matter of the Dzaakir. Dzikr except the Madzkoor, expels from the mind, everything which is not the Madzkoor. And this is not forgetfulness but the barakah (blessings) of the Noor of the dzikr.

Translation: And you (O Muhammad ) do the dzikr of your Lord, cutting yourself off from all (Which are not your Lord). Soorah 73 Aayah 8.

Transliteration: Allaahu Allaahu Rabbee laa ushriku bihee shaian.

Translation: Allaah Allaah my Lord, I do not take anything or anyone as Your partner.

In the negation of all that is not He, is the beginning of the ascent of man and istiqaamah upon it , the end. Annihilation to all that is not He and endlessness to: Laa ushriku bihee shaian.

Transliteration: Wa maa 'alainaa illal balaagh.
Translation: For me it is to convey.

(Extracts from pages 73-79 "Dzikr e Ilaahee, Jihadi Akbar" by Hadrat Shaikh Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat 'Ali, QuddsAllaahus Sirruhul 'Azeez)

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I thought it would be nice to share with all of you what your fellow readers wrote to us. These are just two of the many we fortunately receive on a daily basis. I am sure many of you our beloved readers, share the same feelings. Alhamdulillaahi Rabbil 'Aalameen, this is all from the Mercy of Allaah and our association with our most beloved Shaikh Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat 'Ali, Rahmatullaah 'Alaih.

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The beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad mentioned: A mumin continues to receive from his 'amal and goodness the following even after his death:

  1. The ' ilm that he taught and published (As people continue to benefit from it after his death).
  2. Upright children, that he left behind (Who will continue to pray for him).
  3. Mushaf (The Quraan ul Majeed) that he left behind(He will receive his rewards every time someone reads from it)
  4. Constructed (or help construct) a masjid. (As people continue to pray in it)
  5. Made a rest house for travelers.
  6. Built a water supplying canal or waterway for people (To drink )
  7. Gave away in charity his money during his life and when in good health.

From the Ibn Maajah collection.

Hadrat 'Abdullaah Ibn 'Abbaas has narrated that the beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad has mentioned: Indeed Allaah and His angels and all who belong to the heavens and the earth and the fish in the oceans send blessings upon the person who teaches people goodness.(Nuzhat ul Majaalis)

The beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad has said: When a person dies, his 'amaal are cut off except three things (Which continue after death and continue to be written in his book of deeds)

  1. Sadaqah Jaariyyah
  2. 'Ilm from which goodness continues to be derived.
  3. Righteous children, who keep praying for him. (Muslim Shareef)

The beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad has said: I take an oath by that Sacred Being in Whose Power my life is, any seeker of knowledge who travels to and fro at the door of an 'Aalim (Scholar), for every step (he travels) is written one year's worship and for every step, a city is created in Paradise and the earth over which he walks does Istaghfaar (Prays for his forgiveness). (Nuzhat ul Majaalis)

The most beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad has said: The person who ponders upon Ahaadeeth on the day of Juma' it is as if he has given freedom to 70,000 slaves and has given 70,000 Deenars in charity and has performed 40,000 Hajjs and he remains within the pleasure and forgiveness of Allaah ( Nuzhat ul Majaalis)

The most beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad has said: The person who walks through any road seeking knowledge, Allaah makes the road to Jannah easy for him and sends tranquillity towards him and His Mercy envelops him and His angels surround him and Allaah does his dzikr among those who are closest to Him and the one who procrastinated in his 'amal his family members cannot speed him up.(Muslim Shareef)

Hadrat 'Abdullaah bin Mas'ood has said: The merit of an 'Aalim is that he says Allaahu A' lamu (Allaah Knows best), when he does not possess knowledge about something. (Bukhaaree Shareef)

The most beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad has said: The simile of 'Ulamaa is that they are like the stars in the firmament because of whom the way is found on the land and in the darkness of the seas. If the stars disappear, the wayfarers will lose their way. (Ahmad)

The most beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad has said: Whenever a seeker of the knowledge of the Deen passes through a village, Allaah suspends the 'azaab ul qabr (Torture of the grave) from that place's graveyard for 40 days.(Kashful Ghummah). To be continued InshaAllaah Ta'alaa.

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"You will not attain righteousness till you spend in charity of the things you love".

Holy Quraan Soorah 3 Aayah 93 Narrated Hadrat Ishaaq bin 'Abdullaah bin Al Talhaa

I heard Anas bin Maalik saying, "Aboo Talhaa had more property of date-palm trees gardens than any other amongst the Ansaar in Medeenah and the most beloved of them to him was Beeruha' garden, and it was in front of the Mosque of the Prophet . Allaah's Messenger used to go there and used to drink its sweet water." Anas added, "When these verses were revealed: 'By no means shall you attain righteousness unless you spend( in charity) of that which you love,' (3.92) Hadrat Aboo Talhaa said to Allaah's Messenger , 'O Allaah's Messenger , Allaah says:' By no means shall you attain righteousness, unless you spend (in charity) of that which you love'. And no doubt, Beeruha' garden is the most beloved of all my property to me. So I want to give it in charity in Allaah's cause and expect its reward from Allaah , O Allaah's Messenger ! "Spend it wherever you like" the Messenger of Allaah said. He appreciated that and said: "It is useful property. I have heard what you have said (O Aboo Talhaa), and I think it would be proper if you gave it to your kith and kin.' Aboo Talhaa said: "I will do so, O Allaah's. Messenger ". Then Aboo Talhaa distributed that garden amongst his relatives and his cousins".

My beloved readers, the companions ( May Allaah be pleased with them all) of the Messenger of Allaah are always in every aspect of their lives, shining examples for us. Please observe that as soon the Aayah mentioned in the above Hadeeth Shareef was revealed, Hadrat Aboo Talhaa immediately identified what he loved among his possessions flawlessly, and gave it away in charity. Marhabaa, Subhaanallaah, Allaahu Akbar! What stops us? Let me quote to you from the Holy Quraan, Soorah 2:

Aayah 267 "O you who believe! Spend of the good things which you have earned, and of that which We bring forth from the earth for you, and seek not the bad (with intent) to spend thereof (in charity) when you would not take it for yourselves save with disdain; and know that Allaah is Absolute, Owner of Praise.

Aayah 268 The devil promises you destitution and enjoins upon you lewdness. But Allaah promises you forgiveness from Himself with bounty. Allaah is All Embracing, All Knowing".

Jewels of my eyes, it is the devil who gives us the fear of poverty and tries to prevent us from fulfilling the command of our Lord the Owner of the Day of Judgment and attainment of righteousness, a pre requisite of gaining Paradise. May I gently remind you of the Hadeeth Shareef the gist of which is: What one gives away in charity before one dies is what actually was that person's (For which he / she would receive abundant rewards in the Hereafter ) and what one hoarded and left behind after death was never his / hers (For which one may very well receive punishment in the Hereafter).

Like the most respected and the beloved Sahaabah Kiraam (May Allaah be pleased with them all) who simply could not wait to spend what they loved in sadaqaat (Charity), we should see through the whisperings of our open enemy, the accursed Shaitaan and without procrastination, build up an equity with our Lord the most Merciful Creator for the Hereafter. InshaAllaah Ta'alaa I want nothing but the best for you in the Hereafter. My beloved readers, I make a fervent Du'aa in the Court of Almighty Allaah for all of you including myself that we may all spend in His way and for His Divine Pleasure, from the wealth He has bestowed upon us in His Infinite Mercy for causes which are dear to Him Aameen and Aameen again. I also make Du'aa to Him in Whose Power my humble life is, that you may kindly consider the cause for which Daar-ul-Ehsaan is working in its modest way, worthy of your generous contributions and may He put it in your kind hearts to do it regularly and reap from Him Who is the Most Generous of all, rewards multiplied a million times, Aameen

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Sunnah and Aadaab (Etiquette) of walking . . . . . Continued

Beloved readers, in the previous issue we learnt the Aadaab about our general demeanor and specifically about walking, from the profoundly compelling Aayaat Kareemah as well as related Ahaadeeth Shareef. We continue on this subject by the Grace of Allaah :

Hadrat Muhammad bin Husain bin 'Alee Rahmatullaah 'Alaih has said: The person who in whose heart enters even an atom of pride, has the same amount of sanity reduced. Now, whatever is the amount (Of pride) that enters, less or more (will have his sanity reduced proportionately). (Mukaashifat ul Quloob)

The beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad has said: On the Day of Qiyaamah the proud will be brought in the shape of ants. People will be crushing (Under their feet) these ants with human faces. Every smallest of all small objects will be higher than they are. Then they will be taken to the prison of Hell which is known as "Baulus". They will be overwhelmed by the fire of fires (The most severe fire) and they will be given "Teen ul Khabaal" (The puss of the wounded of the people of Hell) to drink. (Mukaashifat ul Quloob).

The beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa Wa Maulaanaa Muhammad has said: The person who thinks and acts with self importance and is arrogant in his walk, will meet Allaah the Almighty in a state when He is enraged. (Mukaashifat ul Quloob)

Those who walk with arrogance and consider others insignificant should ponder upon the awful doom that awaits them and do taubah and adopt humility and meekness. Otherwise they should await His terrible wrath.

Hadrat Sa'eed Jareeree has narrated that Hadrat Aboo Tufail said: "Alhamdulillaah I have seen Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad ". I asked him "How did you see him " (Meaning what was he like?)". He replied "He has the beauty of being fair and salty (This obviously is an Arabic expression). And when he walks, it appears as if he is descending from a higher level". (Mukaashifat ul Quloob)

Hadrat Aboo Hurairah has narrated "I have not seen anyone more handsome and better than Hadrat RasoolAllaah as if the rays of the sun are emanating from his luminous face and I have not seen any swifter than the RasoolAllaah as if the earth is gathering itself for him ; while we used to spend all our strength he never seemed to alter his speed. (Shimaail Tirmidzee).

Hadrat Ibraaheem bin Muhammad has narrated that when Hadrat 'Alee KarramAllaahu wajhahul Kareem used to talk about the beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad he used to mention that when he walked he used to lift his blessed feet with such force (it appeared) as if he is descending from a higher ground. (Shimaail Tirmidzee).

It is well known that the beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad did not look around while he was walking, so that sometimes (Because of not looking around) his blessed clothes used to get caught among thorny bushes.

It is also well known from Ahaadeeth Kareemah that whichever street through which his blessed personage passed by, used to acquire and spread his blessed perfume. His Sahaabah Kiraam ('Alaihim ur Ridwaan) when they were searching for him they were able to find out which way he passed (by the lingering perfume).

Hadrat Aboo Umaamah narrates that the beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad would go to Baqee'i Gharqad during a day of severe heat and behind him would follow other people. He used to feel very annoyed when he heard the sound of their shoes. He used to sit down till those people would pass by and he did this so that pride may not enter his blessed heart. (Ibn Maajah)

Hadrat 'Abdullaah bin 'Umar narrated that the beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad prohibited males to walk in between two strange females. (Aboo Daood)

Hadrat 'Abdullaah bin 'Umar has narrated that the beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Sayyidinaa wa Maulaanaa Muhammad has said: When women happen to come in front of you, do not pass in between them, make your way around the right or the left of them.(Shu'ub ul Eemaan). To be continued InshaAllaah Ta'alaa.

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My beloved soul mates, let me invite your attention to the following rather compelling Aayahs of Soorah 89 :

Aayah 20) And you love wealth with inordinate love!

Aayah 21) Nay! when the earth is pounded to powder

Aayah 22) And your Lord comes and His angels rank upon rank

Aayah 23) And Hell that Day is brought (face to face); on that Day will man remember ; but how will that remembrance profit him?

Aayah 24) He will say: "Ah! would that I had sent forth (Good Deeds) for (this) my (Future) Life".

Aayah 25) For that Day His Chastisement will be such as none ( else) can inflict

Aayah 26) And His bonds will be such as none (other) can bind.

Aayah 27) (To the righteous soul will be said:) "O (you) soul in ultimate peace and tranquillity!

Aayah 28) "Come back to your Lord fully contented in His good Pleasure!

Aayah 29) " Enter then among my devotees!"

Aayah 30) "Enter My Paradise"! Aayah 24 in particular, jewels of my eyes, gives us the picture of an anguish of not having done enough for the Hereafter while still on the earth, an anguish of an intensity that can only be felt in the Hereafter! May Allaah save all the muslims from such awful regret; and include us all among those which Aayahs 27, 28 & 29 has described.

Aameen and Aameen again.

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Miscellaneous Regulations

(1) The blood of the fish, fly, bug, etc., is not an impurity; the body or clothes soiled by it will not be rendered unclean.

  1. If a part of a floor, mat, carpet or rug is unclean, one may offer prayers on the clean portion.

(3) If a person has applied henna to his hands, feet or hair, and then comes to know that it was unclean, he has to wash the part thrice to obtain purity, no matter if the colour does not go off.

(4) If a person has applied collyrium to the eyes and then comes to know that it was unclean, he may not wipe or wash it off, but has to wash off that part only which has flowed out.

(5) The saliva of the dog is impure but not its body; therefore if a dog, whether wet or dry, has touched a person's body or clothes, these would not be rendered unclean unless the dog had an impurity sticking to its body.

(6) Prayer is allowed to be offered on the clean side of a thick board or plank of timber whose other side has become unclean.

  1. The sweat or loft-over of all human beings, Muslim or non-Muslim, male or female, menstruating woman or one having bleeding of the child birth, is clean, even if that person needs to have bath to obtain purity.

(8) If an impurity is burnt, its smoke and vapors will be clean and can be used anywhere.

(9) Musk, musk-bag and ambergris are clean and pure.

(10) The saliva flowing out from a sleeping person's mouth is clean.

  1. The rotten egg of a lawful bird or poultry is clean.
  2. If an article becomes impure, and it is difficult to locate the impure spot, it is advisable to wash up the article wholly.
  3. If a metallic or clay vessel is soiled by the dog's saliva, it should be rinsed thrice, better seven times, once by rubbing it with earth and six times with clean water. To be continued InshaAllaah Ta'laa.

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ESSENTIAL ADVICE FROM Hadrat Shaikh Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat 'Ali QuddsAllaahus Sirruhul 'Azeez

Character (Continued)

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The Blessed Names of the Gracious and Generous Prophet


(The most righteous of all in the whole world)

The literal meaning of the word bir is: The most righteous of all in the whole world. The word bir in its usage means "truthful statement". It is mentioned in a Hadeeth Kareemah that a human being always keeps speaking the truth till such time as he is written in the opinion of Allaah as the one who always speaks the truth (Baarran). Only the Messenger of Allaah is the most worthy of this as he is the most righteous, the most truthful and acted towards all with the most goodness.

Aboo 'Alee Hatmee (Rahmatullaah 'Alaih) writes that those in the literary circle agree that the most truthful verse has been written by Aboo Ayaas Doolee in which he praises the most beloved of Allaah : "There is no she camel who had a rider like the most righteous and the fulfiller of his promises, Muhammad ."

Hadrat Aboo Hurairah . . . . has narrated that when Khaibar was conquered, the Jews invited the Messenger of Allaah, for food after poisoning a sheep. He said: collect all the Jews for me. They were collected and he said: "I am going to ask you something. Will you give me a truthful answer about it?" They said: "O Abul Qaasim, yes (We will tell you the truth).The Messenger of Allaah asked: " Who is your great grandfather?" They said: This person. He said: "You have lied. Your great grandfather is this person". They said: "You spoke the truth and you are indeed righteous. To be continued InshaAllaah Ta'alaa.

My beloved readers, if you have been blessed by Allaah to wish to contribute to our cause regularly, please contact us. We shall be very happy to help you by sending you a pre stamped and self addressed envelop every month.

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(Manifestations of The Stages of Excellence in Worship) . . . . Continued

By Hadrat Shaikh Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat 'Ali, QuddsAllaahus Sirruhul 'Azeez.


These worries besetting the hearts, perpetual discontentment and lowliness of morale is only because of the abandonment of 'amal (Practice). In this condition every one's life is spent.

The fruit of Istiqaamah (Steadfastness in deeds) is collectedness (composure), contentment , detachment and bliss and (the fruit of) discontinuation of deeds is anxiety, destitution and illness. An 'amal that you cannot carry on perpetually, do not ever start. Adopt only that much of nafl 'Ibaadah which can be easily and perpetually performed. A practice which will be dropped after a few days, never start doing it. Organize the physical self and the heart first and then commence the practice. Before picking up an 'amal, fully review the availability of time and the strength. Do not try to adopt any 'amal without giving it appropriate thought. Please remember very well that rather than give up a practice after starting it, it is much better not to ever start doing it. Instead of performing an 'amal hundreds or thousands of times, be contented with doing it only a few times. How nice it would be if what is recited a thousand times is recited a hundred times and instead of a hundred times it is recited even lesser times. Recite as many times as is very easy so that it is not a burden and an anxiety. Yaa Hayyu Yaa Qayyoom.

Hadrat Aboo Hurairah narrates that the most beloved of Allaah, has said that the Deen is an easy thing. Any one who becomes harsh in the Deen, the Deen over powers him. Hence adopt a median (midway between extremes) way, act according to the strength. Be happy and seek Allaah's help in the morning, evening and some part of the night. (Bukhaaree)

To be continued InshaAllaah Ta'alaa.

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Extracts from the Book "The Most Beautiful Names" compiled by . . .

Hadrat Shaikh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi al-Halveti

Our beloved Prophet says in a hadith reported by Aboo Hurairah , "There are 99 names that are Allaah's alone. Whoever learns, understands and enumerates (ihsa) them enters Paradise and achieves eternal salvation."

This hadith does not mean that Allaah has only 99 names. There are further names attributed to Allaah in the Quraan, and infinite others which He has revealed to His choice creation. If someone says, "So-and-so has one thousand dollars that he has reserved to give to others," does it mean that the person does not have any more money?

The ones who know say that Allaah has three thousand names: one thousand He has revealed to His angels; one thousand He has revealed to His prophets; three hundred are in the Zabur (The psalms of David); three hundred are in the Torah; three hundred are in the Gospel; 99 are in the Holy Quraan. One, the name of His Essence, He has kept for Himself and hidden in the Quraan.

The beautiful names of Allaah are proof of the existence and oneness of Allaah. O you who are burdened and troubled with the weight and suffering of the material world, may Allaah make His beautiful names a soothing balm for your wounded hearts. Learn, understand and recite Allaah's beautiful names. Seek the traces of Allaah's attributes in the skies above, on the earth below, and in what is beautiful in your being. You will find blessings in it to the extent of your sincerity. With the permission of Allaah, the doubter will find security, the ignorant will find wisdom, the denier will confirm. The stingy will become generous, the tyrants will bow their heads, the fire in the hearts of the envious will be extinguished.


Allaah is al-ism al-a'zam, the Greatest Name, which contains all the divine and beautiful attributes and is the sign of the Essence and the cause of all existence.

Allaah, the cause of all existence, does not resemble in any way any of His creation. Allaah is Allaah's name only. Nothing else can in any way assume this name nor share it. As it is said in the Qur'aan, Hal ta'lamu lahu samiyan - "Do you know anyone who is His namesake?" ( 19:65).

The name Allaah contains five meanings, qualities that indicate the non-resemblance of Allaah to anything else. They are:

Qidam He is before the before. He did not become. He always was.

Baqa' He is after the after, Eternal; He always will be.

Wahdaniyyah He is unique, without partner, without resemblance, the cause of all. All is in need of Him, all has become by the order "Be!" and has died by His order.

Mukhalafatun lil-hawadith He is the Creator, bearing no resemblance to the created. Qiyam bi-nafsihi He is self-existent, without any needs.

Allaah is perfection. The extent of this perfection is infinite. The greatest name, Allaah, contains eight essentials indicating the perfection of Allaah:

  1. Hayyah Allah is ever-living
  2. 'Ilm Allaah is all-knowing
  3. Sam' Allaah is all-hearing
  4. Basar Allaah is all-seeing
  5. Iradah All will is His
  6. Qudrah All power is His
  7. Takwin All existence and actions depend upon Him
  8. Kalam The word, all that is said and taught, is His.

The servant of Allaah can relate to the divine name Allaah, which encompasses all names, is devoid of all faulty attributes, and contains all attributes of perfection, by seeking a wish in himself to become a perfect man. In this attempt, he could try to eliminate what is faulty in himself, and try to increase what is good in himself.

'Abdullah is a servant who has received the highest level and honor which is possible to attain within creation, because the Creator with the secrets of all His attributes is manifested in him. Therefore, Allaah Most High has called His beloved Prophet by this name. In Surah Jinn (v. 19) Allaah identifies His beloved, saying:

". . . the servant of Allaah stood up praying to Him." In reality, this name belongs only to Hadrat Muhammad and to the Qutubs of any given time, who are the true inheritors of His divine wisdom, the name of Allaah being the name of the Essence of Allaah, the greatest name. This name is bound by the qualities of Unity and Oneness of Allaah. Therefore, even if the servant has lost his proper identity in unison with Allaah, his being called 'Abdullah is only metaphorical.

To be continued InshaAllaah Ta'alaa.

By the Grace of Allaah we now have a web page "The Truth About Islaam" for non believers. You may us it for your own Da'wah purposes or recommend to your non muslims acquaintances. The main page is at http://www.daar-ul-ehsaan.org/truth


Salaatunnabi (Durood) recited by
Hadrat Sayyidinaa UWAIS QARNEE

Allaahumma Salli 'alaa Sayyidinaa Muhammadiun Wa Aalihee Wa'itratihee be 'Adadi Kulli Ma' loomillaka Astaghfirullaa Halladhi La ilaahaa illaa huwal Hayyul Qayyoomu Wa Atoobu ilaih. Yaa Hayyu Yaa Qayyoom


Dear Allaah, bestow Your Choicest Blessings upon our Master Muhammad and upon his extended family and his progeny according to the number of all things known to You. I seek the forgiveness of the One but for whom there is no God, The Truly and Perfectly Alive and The Self Sustained and I turn to Him with repentance. O The Truly and Perfectly Alive O The Self Sustained

This is the Salaatunnabi (Durood) recited by Hadrat Sayyidinaa UWAIS QARNEE , and the inherited Durood Shareef of the Honorable chain of Quadariyyah; Mujaddidiyyah; Ghafooriyyah; Raheemiyyah; Kareemiyyah and Ameeriyyah.
It is highly recommended that those who seek the love and closeness to the Beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Muhammad make it mandatory upon themselves to recite this Durood Shareef according to their capacity and the time they have available. For instance at least 11 times after each Salaat. It should be recited more frequently after Ishaa, Tahajjud and Fajr. 100,300,500 times or even more. Remember though, once the frequency is fixed, be steadfast upon it!


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